Silicone Stretch Lids Reusable Food Cover can be Hung with 6-Pack of Various Sizes by RBIDELI - B07DHR5L2J

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  • Versatile: Silicone storage covers come in 6 sizes, stretchy enough to fit snugly over odd-shaped mugs, pots, cups & bowls.

  • Environmental: reuse for many times, eliminate the need to repeatedly buy expensive plastic wrap.

  • Convenience: heat-resistant to 450 F, approved dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. And can be hung to dry.

  • Safety: non-toxic, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe & leak proof, air-tight seal so foods stay fresh.

  • Seal: use premium material and thicher edge design to guarantee the best sealing effect.

  • Key Features:
    1. These handy covers are made from super-stretchy silicone.
    2. They are circular in shape but pliable enough to seal even odd-shaped containers.
    3. They can be hung with hook to dry. Easy to use again next time.
    4. The tops are made from bpa-free, food-grade plastic.
    5. They are microwave and dishwasher-safe.
    6. They are also heat-resistant to 450 f, so reheating foods is never a problem.
    7. Save on expensive, disposable plastic wrap, and save money on food bills by storing scrumptious leftovers for another meal
    8.The stretchable silicone lids may stick tighter on a shaking container, but flat silicone lids are more airtight in the long run.
    9. You will find a size that fits all your mugs, pots, cups and bowls. You get 6 covers:

    Silicone storage covers come in 6 sizes (see description below)
    (1) 2.6" (will stretch to 3.5") - Small yogurts, fruit cups, ½ an onion or apple, can of soup, cat or dog food, that glass of wine you didn't want to finish, a glass of milk.
    (2) 3.7" (will stretch to 5") - Large yogurts, Sour Cream, ½ grapefruit, coffee mug, small bowls, beer mug.
    (3) 4.5" (will stretch to 6") - ½ a cantaloupe, regular bowls, small Tupper ware dishes, bento boxes 1-quart paint can.
    (4) 5.7"(will stretch to 8") - ½ a small watermelon, mixing bowls, soup bowls.
    (5) 6.5" (will stretch to 9") - Extra large bowls, ½ of a giant watermelon, mixing bowls, paint can.
    (6) 8.3" (will stretch to 10") - Large salad bowl, Cuisinart mixing bowl 1-gallon, Instant pot, Large paint can.

    1.These, or the surface you put these on, should be dry. Otherwise you will have
    a hard time to put them on, because they will slip. If surface is rugged it would
    be a bit easier even if surface is wet however. Like the rim on a jar.
    2.These lids can also work to keep any liquid from spilling out.

    Silicone Stretch Lids Reusable Food Cover can be Hung with 6-Pack of Various Sizes by RBIDELI - B07DHR5L2J

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