RYBit Reusable Mesh/Produce Bags Set of 9 1 Nutmilk Bag 1 Bonus Shopping Grocery Tote Eco Friendly Bags Great for Storage of Produce Fruit/Vegetable Washable - B01M663GP

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  • VALUE QUALITY SET - Perfect for shopping & storing produce - 9 veggie bags in 3 sizes: 2 large 12x17", 5 med. 12x14", 2 small 12x8" along with 1 Nutmilk Bag and 1 foldable and handy Shopping Bag. Whether it's long or bulky vegetables or small size fruits, RYBit reusable produce bags will hold it all. They are light-weight and easy to carry as it fits in purses and handbags easily.

  • FINE YET DURABLE NYLON NUTMILK FILTER - Your Ideal Multi-Function Kitchen Tool for making nuts and seed milks, juicing vegetable or fruits, brewing coffee, beer home brewing, vegan cheese making, tofu pressing, squeezing keffir milk grains all smooth and creamy. Perfect size 12"x10" rounded bottom -fits in any size container, easy to squeeze, nutbag made from premium nylon BPA free fine mesh with no dyes or chemical additives.

  • MULTI - PURPOSE - One Bag for Many Uses and Not Limited to Food Shopping and Storage! Use these different size mesh bags to carry or hold many different household items from knitting tools to Christmas deco. Use them also for school snacks, little toys, books, office supplies, laundry delicates, cosmetics, shoes, gym clothes or small sports equipment as well as for travel or camping trips. You will enjoy having these lightweight drawstring baggies in your everyday life!

  • PLASTIC FREE IS THE BEST WAY TO BE - Are you feeling concerned about all these non- reusable produce plastic bags ending up in the garbage and ultimately in our environment? Be Part of The Solution and Go Green with our RYBit bags! Using our eco friendly produce bags will make you feel so much better knowing you significantly reduced your footprint. They are easy to clean and machine washable ready to be reused.

  • MATERIALS TO LAST - Made from breathable, see through mesh material that can even extend the life of your vegetables by keeping them fresh longer in the fridge. That means less food waste & more money! - We are confident you will love the RYBit Reuse Your Bag Set and you will have many uses for these reusable bags! Make your pledge to go Plastic Free and ORDER YOUR RYBit SET TODAY! It Makes a Meaningful Gift Too!

  • Are You Tired Of Creating More Plastic Waste Every Time You Go Grocery Shopping?
    RYBit Produce Bags Is Your Solution You Can Feel Good About!

    - Strong, durable yet flexible, our reusable produce bag sets are designed to carry and store produce and a lot more!
    - Made from easy-to-see-through premium mesh polyester with instant-close drawstring pop lock for convenient opening and closing
    - 3 sizes (small, medium and large) to comfortably fit a large stalk of celery or small grains of rice and anything in between.
    - Easy to clean and washable in the machine, fast drying they last you a longtime for many reuses.
    - Multi-purpose function. Use our eco-friendly bags also as beach bags, toy bags, laundry bags, travel bags or for storage of cosmetic items.
    - Extend the life of your produce by allowing it to "breathe" instead of sweating inside the plastic bags making it a better option for grocery storage.
    - INCLUDED in the set of 9 Reusable Mesh Bags is a Food Grade Nutmilk Bag and a Free Foldable Shopping Bag making it a really Amazing Package Deal.
    SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! - We offer a *Money Back Guarantee* so you can buy with peace of mind. If you're not 100% satisfied, we will refund you, no questions asked.
    Try our produce bags and experience the difference! Make your pledge for the Environment, Go Plastic Free and ORDER NOW!

    RYBit Reusable Mesh/Produce Bags Set of 9 1 Nutmilk Bag 1 Bonus Shopping Grocery Tote Eco Friendly Bags Great for Storage of Produce Fruit/Vegetable Washable - B01M663GP

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